Introduction to the team and Day 1, St Louis

Ramadan Mubarak.

I am writing this from the plane from DC to St. Louis on our first leg of the trip. We are really excited to be launching the trip today, as you’ll see from the video below. (We each say “excited” several times).

We start in St. Louis today. Hailey tells me that Lewis and Clark began their exploration from St. Louis so it’s fitting, I suppose.

The schedule is jam packed for the next 24 days. We plan to update the blog every day with a rotating cast of team members updating us all on their activities and video that we are filming throughout the trip. We will share our personal thoughts, interesting stories or some of the better interviews. Also, you will see some guest bloggers appear from time to time.

The team consists of Frankie Martin, Hailey Woldt, Madeeha Hameed, Craig Considine, myself and of course Dr. Akbar Ahmed. Bios of everyone should be up shortly. Some of us worked on the previous project, Journey into Islam. We have a couple of new faces, but we’ve all worked together before in some way. We are friends, which makes traveling in such close quarters easy. Frankie is peering over my shoulder as we speak. And I’m not even mad at him for losing my peanuts somewhere underneath the seat.

Anyways… The video below is an introduction to the “team”.

Tomorrow, we will have another update after an amazing day in St. Louis.


Here’s the link to our YouTube page.


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