Take Professor Out to the Ballgame

Being from Boston, Massachusetts, I have developed an unwavering devotion to the Boston Red Sox baseball team.  When Hailey and Mr. Woldt cordially asked me to join them with Professor Ahmed at a Chicago Cubs game at the famous Wrigley field ballpark, my gut instinct was to express my allegiance to the Sox and how my attendance was a borderline sac-religious act.  How could I decline the invite?  After all, I certainly could use some of the American national pastime to ease the stress from our strenuous schedule.


After we sat down in our left field seats, I was pointing to all the various bases, foul lines, position players, and other objects around the park to teach Professor Ahmed the intricacies of the game, just as he taught me the intricacies of Islam over the years.  The hardest part was convincing him that baseball was superior to cricket, a game that he grew up loving during his childhood days in Pakistan, and during his studies in England.  I do know, though, that he appreciated and enjoyed the peanuts, as both of us shared and went through a bag of them in just one inning.  Overall, Wrigley Field could not have been a more fitting setting for the Professor’s first ever baseball game on this historical journey of ours.



Craig Considine



3 responses to “Take Professor Out to the Ballgame

  1. Awesome video! Best yet. It was an epic night!

  2. That was great! Loved the part where he didn’t know which team you were going to see!

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