End of Trip One

As we come to our final days of this leg of the journey, I want to thank the team for their dedication to the project. We have been travelling for 24 days staright, working 18 hour days, listening, writing, researching. It has been a grueling travel schedule and the team has not stopped working for a moment. They have shown a staggering level of dedication and have inspired me in the process.

We are all enjoying writing on the blog and will continue during our brief respite before the next leg. We have aquired so much information and fascinating stories that we will have no problem finding topics for posts over the next few weeks.

We leave Omaha tomorrow to return home to Washington, D.C. before embarking on our next leg of the trip. The trip has been an eye opener for all of us, including my team of young Americans. I look forward to continuing our Journey and discovering this wonderful place called America.

This team, for me, is the best Ambassadors for the United States with their intelligence, commitment, patience and compasssion. I am proud to be leading them into this Journey into America

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed


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