The Lincoln Memorial

Saturday we visited the Lincoln Memorial, one of the most historic monuments in the country. This is the place where Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech was given and the memorial itself, built in honor of President Lincoln, is beautiful. There were thousands of people there to honor the former President but we managed to make our way through the crowd for some great pictures.

We were dressed in Shalwar Kameez, traditional dress in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The purpose was to  challenge the ideas of what it means to be American and to encourage understanding. We later changed into “typical” American dress complete with the stars and stripes prominently featured on our shirts.  It was really intersting to see the looks that we got while wearing the Muslim dress. Some people didn’t look twice but some really stared suspiciously. See the video for more:



One response to “The Lincoln Memorial

  1. Susan Woldt (Hailey's Mom)

    What a great idea! All of you looked comfortable and happy in your new clothes—who knows? maybe you’ll set a new style.

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