“Friendship Beach”: The border wall

The Border Wall at "Friendship Beach"

The Border Wall at "Friendship Beach"

By Craig Considine – In San Diego, the team witnessed, observed and felt the atmosphere of the border fence along the US-Mexican border.  On the way to “Friendship Beach”, I observed six or seven army helicopters flying above , saw plenty of ‘Danger’ signs, lost articles of clothing and shoes, armed Border Patrol agents riding in jeeps, and countless construction men working diligently in their bulldozers to construct walls and fences to keep illegal immigrants out of the US.

Frankie and Craig walking along the border wall

Frankie and Craig walking along the border wall

In my opinion, constructing a wall will not end the illegal migration of Mexicans into San Diego and other border points. Immigrants, are entering the US for economic opportunities that aren’t available to them in Mexico.  When economic conditions are so bad there, people tend do anything to enter the US.  Sometimes it is a situation of life or death.


So does the idea of friendship resonate on this beach?   I didn’t get that feeling.  Mexicans most likely feel exclusion rather than friendship. Militarizing the border may not be the solution to illegal immigration.  What is needed, I think, is a working relationship between the US and Mexican governments focused on mutual cooperation.  At the end of the day, a strong Mexico is in the interest of the US, and vice-versa.

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