Ambassador Ahmed offers condolences to Indian Embassy

Last Monday, Ambassador Ahmed and I, along with a small interfaith delegation, went to the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC to offer our condolences for the November 26 attacks in Mumbai.

We were in Hawaii  on our last leg of the third trip when we heard the news. We were all disheartened for the families of the victims and the people of India. Ambassador Ahmed and Madeeha, who are both from Pakistan, were especially concerned knowing the future of Indian/Pakistani relations would become even more tense.

We also felt for all of the Muslims that we have met during our travels. We’ve learned that in this age of globalization, what happens overseas has a direct impact here. The image of “Muslim terrorists” will only get stronger with each attack. It’s high time for wisdom and compassion to prevail.

Our prayers go out to all of the victims who, as one of the Embassy officials pointed out, were from many faiths–Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Muslim.

The Pakistan Link published an article about the trip to the Embassy which can be read here.


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