Roundup of the first three trips


We’ve been busy since we took off on September 1: Driving, interviewing, flying, focus group meeting, packing, driving, very little sleeping, taking notes, meetings,  interviewing, speaking, writing, driving, packing…

The travel is relentless and our schedule is grueling. St. Louis; Dearborn; Detroit; Chicago; Cedar Rapids; Omaha; Grand Island, Washington, DC; New York City; Boston; Plymouth Rock,  Burlington; Hamilton and Binghamton, NY; Buffalo; Palmyra, DC; Salt Lake City;  Las Vegas; Flagstaff and a Native American Reservation; San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley; San Diego; Los Angeles; and Honolulu.

At the largest Mosque In New York

At the largest Mosque In New York

But, everyday brings a new highlight. From some of the interviews that we have posted here, to some that we have saved or will post later, we are kept inspired by the people we’ve met along the way. We all have different favorites like Hamza Yusef, Sirraj Wahhaj, Dawud Walid in Dearborn, Imam Feitullah, Noam Chomsky, Judea Pearl, Sherriff Lee Baca. The list could go on and on.

There have also been a lot of funny moments and memories that will last-Frankie riding and being thrown violently off the mechanical bull in Vegas immediately comes to mind. And how could I forget when Craig was taken, by ambulance, to the Hospital in Los Angeles. We almost lost him that night. His near fatal condition: an allergic reaction to nuts.  We were rolling the camera on both of these and hope to have videos up soon.

We are getting ready for the next round starting next week and will keep posting some of the better material as we

Frankie interviewing Imam Yahye Omar in Buffalo

Frankie interviewing Imam Yahye Omar in Buffalo

travel. Thanks to everyone who visits the site. We are really excited by the amount of people who care and the support we have received.

Jonathan Hayden


One response to “Roundup of the first three trips

  1. Muhamad Rizal Avif Khan

    Wow, mosque in New York….!!! wonderfull….

    there’s no more comfort place than mosque…

    how is mosque in newyork? how is the condition in newyork? how is campuss in new york?
    it must be wonderfull…:)

    i wish i can go there…

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