A (not so) Serious Conversation on American Stereotypes

By Craig Considine – The American identity is a complex concept to comprehend partially because of the Northern and Southern cultures that differ significantly from one another.  The North, where I’m from, is associated with great univierisites and Wall street.  The South, where I’m about to visit for the first time, is apparently very different.  I have seen Gone With the Wind, I love college football, and I love hearty food, so it will interesting to see how my experience in the South alters (or doesn’t alter) my notion of the American identity.

Before you view this video, you must understand this: these are NOT our personal beliefs.  They are simply the most general stereotypes that are expressed in American culture today.  This conversation took place at Reagan National Airport before we boarded our flight to Sanibel Island, Florida to kick off our fourth leg of the journey.  Stereotypes are important to this study because we are examining the American social fabric and the attitudes and perceptions that Americans have of one another.  Enjoy the video.  Be sure to follow us through the next week as we journey through Florida,  then the rest of the south.


3 responses to “A (not so) Serious Conversation on American Stereotypes

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  2. One small comment I have about this video is that the two Northerners were both from the East coast. Of course, there were only four people’s opinions in this video, but I’m sure the stereotypes would differ greatly if the comments were by residents of Minnesota, Washington State, Florida and Nevada instead.

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