Latino Muslims in Miami

She had just gotten back from a long month in the United Arab Emirates and then had driven from Tampa to Miami to come and meet us. Although she must have been jetlagged and preoccupied with her other responsibilities, she was bursting with energy.

For our trip to Miami I had especially wanted to meet with Latino Muslims and all roads pointed to Khadija Rivera. From her friends in Los Angeles to organizations like LADO and ALAM, Khadija was well-connected in the Latino Muslim networks and was a leader in the growing segment of Muslims in America. She represents the newest segment of Muslims in America and her forceful personality will surely add some spice to the American melting pot. 

We had met with some Latino Muslims in Los Angeles with Khadija Galedary, another leader in the community and the next day with Cuban, Columbian, and Mexican Muslims. This group is unique and growing, with literature and organizations for their own group. Much like the African-American Muslims, Latino Muslims have a unique historical and theological approach to Islam. Their culture, language, and warm personalities will surely add to the world’s largest and most diverse religion. 

Hailey Woldt 


8 responses to “Latino Muslims in Miami

  1. We are all over the United States from Chicago to Mobile, AL I had the honor to escort the sisters to the UAE and they represented the Latino community well.

  2. Wow, I had no idea there was such a thing! Many of my Latino friends (about 90% of my friends) in Miami could trace their family lineage to Lebanese immigrants to Latin America, but I think they were all Maronites. I love to hear new things about my hometown!

  3. Your hometown was great, Christa. we really liked it. see you in DC

  4. The ten funniest things Muslim women are asked.

  5. It seems that your interview with the Puerto Rican Muslim woman left the most important question unasked and therefore unanswered. She said she couldn’t find some “answers” in the church but found them in the mosque. What were the questions that she was asking and what were the answers she received?

  6. Oh, my dearest Islamic brothers and sisters, no one in the world understands what is now going on with your spearheading challenge to Americans of all faiths to recognize and acknowledge our Beloved God in all and each of the Religions…..In order for the East to come West and the West to go East — the real spiritual workof this new age — we need you, the brave new transformers to act and express yourselves fully. You have no idea how viscerally important this work is for the advancement of Brotherhood and Unity in the formerly fractured religious fields of -isms in the planetary brain. I applaud your most heroic and mind-blowing efforts in this early 21st Century living-space, of not only for the sake of Americans but for any and all lovers of God on this planet. You will receive a lot of hateful flack from neo-conservative religious Christian bigots, but as a Catholic priest, may I exhort you to never cop to their ignorance and prejudice………………………….Blessed be you, my bothers in the Only One. Islamic Brothers and Sisters in the unbelievable experiment of Divine Unity. Father Ed. (a very old Catholic priest)

  7. First, congratulations and thank you for doing this. I expressed some thouhgts on this at:

    I think a reciprocal experiment is also worth doing. A bunch of “visibly non-Muslim” folks should travel through a Muslim country and document their experiences.

  8. Dear friends,

    Here is the link to my involvement in the New Museum project Conversations about Iraq

    I will do three presentations: the Inaugural on Wed 11 Feb 12 noon – 3pm two more in late Feb and early March
    As part of the project, I plan to travel cross country from NYC to LA with the artist Jeremy, curator Nato and Iraqi linguist Essam in late March and April

    Past exhibitions:
    Testimony to War Feb 2008, SVA, NYC
    To Baghdad and Back Apr 2005 Blink Gallery Newport, RI:
    Also see the image of the Infusion Painting, attached

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