Responses to CNN article

Thank you all for all of the responses to the CNN article. We’ve had a lot of really  positive comments and some constructive ones.

The post about Arab, Alabama has received a lot of attention. It’s now our most popular post. Even the Arab Tribune wrote about out visit.  I’m from Huntsville, just up the road and was excited about bringing the team to Alabama. We chose Arab because of the name, really. And yes, we knew the story about the name beforehand. We just wanted to have a little fun with it and see what it would be like to put Hailey in an abaya (traditional Arab dress) in a town with the same name–no offense meant to the good people of Arab. Take a look at our earlier post about stereotypes. We know that the sterotypes are not necessarily true. I, for one, expected the kind of generous and warm reponse that we got all over the south, not just in Alabama. Please see “Journey into Islam“, our previous project, to see how we were treated in the Muslim world as obvious non-Muslim westerners–similar to the hospitality we received in Arab.

I was really proud of the way that Hailey was treated in Arab. I keep telling the team that relations between different races and religions are sometimes better in the south than other places. Hailey got much worse looks in Miami, for example.

In Alabama with our friends at the Gadsden Islamic Center

In Alabama with our friends at the Gadsden Islamic Center

We also made a stop in the small town of Gadsden, Alabama and had lunch with some wonderful new friends. They live very peacefully with the non-Muslim majority and have not had many problems at all and all of the women we met wore the hijab.

So thanks again for all the comments. More posts are on the way.

Jonathan Hayden


6 responses to “Responses to CNN article

  1. Every one I know that read the CNN article had the same thought: If you want to have a journey into Islam you need to have the girl dress like a nun and carry a Bible in Saudi Arabia or maybe Iran or Pakistan. Please do not take that wrong! The USA is the most tolerant country on Earth even though many try to convince otherwise. it seems to me that the Islam cultures are the intolerant ones and I we never get like that here in the U.S.



  2. That’s nice. But have you ever considered that the rest of your crew are a bunch of condescending snobs? I mean, seriously. The very fact that these people were worrying about getting lynched in a BBQ joint says a heck of a lot about their smug and vapid worldview.

    As Craig said, why don’t you fly the woman in the video to Riyadh and have her drive around in a rental car and without a hijab? Gosh, I bet you’ll find all kinds of tolerance there.

  3. I agree with Chris and Craig.

    It should not come as a surprise to find tons of tolerance in the Western world; after all, if it’s so bad for Muslims, then they would not be moving here in droves.

    But what I don’t see much of from Muslims or the nation of Islam is tolerance or the need to understand other religions.

    While they may make up 25% of the world’s population, that does not constitute a majority, meaning, they too must also make an effort to live in harmony with the other 75% of us who comprise a myriad of different belief systems.

    So far, I have witnessed none of this. What I have seen so far is a group of people who are very thin-skinned and burst with anger and death threats the moment someone says ANYTHING about Islam: it could be something as innocuous as stating simple facts regarding Muslims or Islam. Their tolerance of us “infidels” is weak and mostly hostile.

    I, for one, would not want to belong to any religion that still condones child marriages, public stonings, honour killings and charging women who are raped with a crime because they bring shame upon their own families.

    When I perceive they have become way less rigid and dogmatic in their beliefs and no longer seemingly want to live like it’s the dark ages, then I will know relations can improve. Until then…

  4. How pollyana of you to see how tolerant of Muslims Americans are. I’ll bet you are not aware of the master plan of the militant Muslims and the 4 steps they are in the process of taking. The Muslims are very patient- they don’t care if it takes 25 years or 50 years or 100 years. The plan is still the same- to take over America and impose Sharia. Of course, they will not tell you that. Are you also aware that it is in the Koran that it OK and even urged to lie to infidels? That means you! There are a lot of nice Muslims out there- ones that know little of there religion. Social Muslims, just as there are social Christians. I suggest that you really read the Koran and study up on Mohamed. He was not a nice guy. Do your homework and learn the truth about this “religion”. I, too, not long ago was as ignorant as you .Right now, you are “sleeping with the enemy”. Take a look at Saudia Arabia and Iran and see how tolerant they are, especially of woman’s rights. You are being played the fool.

  5. Lyn. All I could do was laugh. Enjoy your paranoia.

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