Congressman André Carson and I see eye to eye

By Craig Considine – It’s easy for me to relate to Congressman Andre Carson.  For starters, he is a proud American that cares for the well being of his fellow citizens.  He also grew up enjoying hip hop, a brand of music I was raised on and still listen to today.  We are both outgoing, charismatic, and easygoing people – all of which are characteristics that make for inspiring company.

Being in the Congressman’s presence last week with Dr. Ahmed was quite a unique experience.  We had the chance to interview the second Muslim American ever to hold a seat in the House of Representatives.  Most impressive about Congressman Carson was his pride in being both an American and a Muslim.  To him, neither identity overpowers the other.  Both identities go hand in hand and blend to form a diverse individual, just like millions of other Americans around the country that come from various backgrounds.

One may think that I, a young white American man with Christian upbringings, cannot realistically relate to an African American Muslim.  But just like myself, Congressman Carson values not skin color, race, or religious affiliation, but rather the depth and quality of an individuals character and conduct.  For this reason, I greatly respect the man.

Dr. Ahmed is just as impressed with the Congressman as I am.  He thinks he will be a great Ambassador for not only America, but for the whole Muslim world.  His courageous leadership will pave the way for a prosperous future for the United States in the 21st century.


2 responses to “Congressman André Carson and I see eye to eye

  1. Well done

    I liked how you gave the example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we don’t judge by color of skin but content of character

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