Washington’s ‘Old Guard’: Meeting with American Soldiers

By Craig Considine – On Wednesday afternoon, April 1st, we went and spoke to the soldiers of the Old Guard at Fort Myer that could very well soon be deployed to either Afghanistan or Iraq.  Col. Martinez invited Dr. Ahmed to speak to his soldiers about the intricacies of the tribal regions of Pakistan and the tribal codes of honor – in particular the pashtunwali of the Pashtun ethnicity.  

The soldiers of the Old Guard were very astute, intelligent, and devoted Americans to the fight in Afghanistan/Pakistan – the region they will most likely be deployed to sometime in the near future.  They were curious about the role of women in Islam and the appropriate behavior in the effort to win the hearts and minds of the regions various tribes.  Dr. Ahmed gave a very informative lecture surrounding honor, dignity, and the ferocity with which the Pashtuns have fought with for centuries.

The soldiers of The Old Guard were very responsive to Dr. Ahmed.  Col. Martinez even noted that high level leaders in the US government have consulted his scholarly works on the tribal regions he once administered.  I’m very hopefully that they will take his wise words to both head and heart.  If they do, I’m very confident in their ability to live up to the prestige of the soldiers with whom George Washington once deemed the very best – The Old Guard.


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