Can a Muslim be a good American? Absolutely.

By Craig Considine – Can a Muslim by a good American? That is a question we have asked to thousands of citizens around the country over the last seven months.  I myself have pondered it a little bit but found that our trip to Arlington National Cemetery made me think a bit deeper about it.  A Muslim can absolutely be an American, in my opinion.  What bigger sacrifice can a citizen make than to give his or her own life on the battlefield?  The definition of a ‘good American’ may vary but all Americans can undoubtedly agree that those that have fallen on the battlefield deserve the utmost respect from their fellow citizens.  I was proud to see their gravestones and even more proud that America is a nation designed by the Founding Fathers to be ‘colorblind’.  That is the true beauty of America.  

3 responses to “Can a Muslim be a good American? Absolutely.

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