Interview on ‘To the Point’ and ‘Royal Kill’

Please check out this interview on KCRW’s “To The Point”, hosted by Warren Olney. Here is a direct download link.

Also, Frankie wrote another article for the Huffington Post. This one dovetails nicely woth our study: It’s about Ambassador Ahmed’s son, Babar Ahmed, and his new film “Royal Kill“. A very interesting read.


2 responses to “Interview on ‘To the Point’ and ‘Royal Kill’

  1. Although I have not been able to keep up with this journey, I find the work you are all doing very interesting. It is particularly interesting to me as this is the topic of my thesis. I am a MA psychology student emphasizing in social psychology at San Diego State University and in my lab we do research on the American identity. I am currently conducting studies looking at religion and the American identity. I am looking at the extent to which three religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) are seen as American, attitudes towards the role religion plays in American society, and possible factors that may be influencing these attitudes. Good luck on your journey and I look forward to hearing the end result!

    • As a student doing reserach on American identity. I would like to invite you to visit a South Asian Art website

      With a stroke of a brush or an imaginative twist on a canvas the artists from South Asian Diaspora surely are able to encapsulate volumes about their lives, past, present and future.

      Do click on the Virtual tour, a recent South Asian American Art festival in Santa Monica and you will see the awe inspiring images of these artists some of them have never had the opportunity to display their vision in public places.

      Any questions regarding the Diaspora artists and how they want to convey their message of millions who believe in non-violence to the American people: I will be more than happy to answer questions or provide info for your thesis.

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