“From Waziristan to Washington” on stage at the DCJCC

The Washington, DC Jewish Community Center had a sold out showing of Ambassador Ahmed’s monologue “Waziristan to Washington”. It was a great event, best summed up by Melody Fox in the Pakistan Link:

On Monday night, March 23, 2009 at Washington DC’s Theater J, Dr. Akbar Ahmed launched his new play, From Waziristan to Washington: A Muslim at the Crossroads. The play, written and performed by Dr. Ahmed and directed by Stephen Stern and John Milewski, was a one-man piece of multimedia showmanship that took the audience on a journey framed by the motif of a pair of converging railroad tracks.

The black and white image of the tracks opened the play as Dr. Ahmed took the sparsely decorated stage, and carried the audience back in time to 1947 and the Partition of India. He recalled – with a mixture of still-felt terror, bewilderment, and admiration – how his usually gentle and distinguished father protected his family with a revolver, albeit unloaded, on a train headed to Pakistan that narrowly escaped the ravages of communal slaughter.

For the rest of the article, please click here. Below is a video if some of the monologue along with some reaction from the audience.


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