Trip Featured in Turkish Newspaper Zaman

As I was sending my mother off on her long-awaited trip to Turkey for two weeks of touring the bazaars, palaces, and museums of Turkey, I received this email from our friend in Dallas. Elif Kavacki is a top fashion designer for Muslim women and also a writer for the prominent newspaper Zaman in Turkey (also sister of Merve Kavacki that we interviewed earlier). She had interviewed me while we were in Dallas, and Nicole featured earlier on the blog, was her photographer:

“Hi Hailey– Finally. They said they were waiting for the best time and spot which made me very happy. You are on the front page of way over 1 million newspapers in Turkey. Woohoo! [It will be on the website for one week.]

Elif Kavacki and Hailey in Dallas

I will summarize the article for you.

The title reads, “Catholic Hailey defends Hijab”.  It starts out by mentioning your visit to Turkey, how you went to Istanbul University, and how you were surprised that Hadiya was not allowed to enter the university. It goes on to mention your opinions about the AK Parti women, and your visits there. And then moves on to talking about your experience in Miami, as well as Alabama. Everything is straight from our interview, they have not made any changes. You can most likely understand bits and pieces. You can read they mention you as Academician Hailey. They did an amazing job, it’s a very strong article.”

We have been getting a lot of positive responses. Many people from universities in Turkey have written to offer their support and congratulations for the project in the Muslim world and in the United States. We got this one today actually on our “News and Links” page:

Mustafa Gerdan

it is so nice to hear the right things about Islam, from a Muslim’s mouth, and in American media… We, as young and educated Muslims, just want to be involved into the peace movement of the future world by firstly being understood by people of the world. Then, there will be no one, who calls himself as Muslim, exploding himself in somewhere of the world, to be heard and promote justice…Peace is in Islam, we hope spread into the world, by hardworking Muslims such as Dr Ahmed…

The most intriguing thing for me, though, is I wonder how surprised my mother will be after her twenty-hour flight when she sees the pictures in the paper!


8 responses to “Trip Featured in Turkish Newspaper Zaman

  1. Hakan Adrasan

    I hope Everybody will love together in the world.. I’m congrulating you.. You’re very successfull..

  2. slm’lar ayrıca tebrik ve teşekkürler.. yaptığınız faaliyetin insanlık için ne denli faydalı olacağını zannerdem tahmin ve hayal edemezsiniz belki dilimizi bilmiyosunuz ama ben içimden geçenleri yazayım istedim çevremde başörtüsüne karşı aptalca bi çok önyargısı olan insanları düşünmeye sevkettiniz çok teşekkür ederiz Allah kalbinizi ışıklarla doldursun kötü gün göstermesin size toprağın üzerinde ve altında 😉 daha nice hayırlı faaliyetler diliyorum Allah yardımcınız olsun..

  3. Salih Deveci

    I wish Light is forever in your face, way and heart.
    Have you ever heard Mevlana?
    Almost 900 yeaars ago, humanity was busy with war, but he said
    “Love and be loved. World is not permanent”.
    Best wishes with gratitude and appreciation,

  4. I believe you and your honest research.actually , that’s amazing.

    Thanks for such a good research.I hope,light and smile are forever in your cute face..

    If you come to Turkey again , please write to me.I want to join your journey..journey of real islam!

    The God save you , my dear sister.

    best wishes.

    E2 – from istanbul

  5. Filiz Aysun UNVER

    First of all I am very happy to see your works on relationships of islam religion.
    You can not know How I am proud when I read your comments about muslim women and their result of belief, their scarfs… Hope to see you in our country again and if I can know I would like to join and help you with whatever I can do.
    I am regret to hear that HEDIYA was not allowed to enter the university as all the turkish students who wears headscarfs 😦

    Allah Bless you.

  6. Congratulations Hailey,

    I’ve learned about your study about headscarf through Zaman’s news in Turkey. I’m very sorry about your friend that she didn’t admitted into the university. This is a shame of our country, something that needs to be revised. I hope studies like yours will help to correct the rough treatment towards our sisters in Turkey and in some other places of the world.

    It is important that someone from outside with an objective view says that women with headscarf are not depressed or under pressure, on the contrary they are self confident and proud people who make their own decisions.

    I hope you reach success, happiness and peace as long as you listen to your heart and live sincerely.


  7. Burç Akbulut

    I have just read the article on ZAMAN and i do not know any way in words to explain my current feelings. I can only congratulate you with my whole heart and pray for you to success on your journey in which you seek the objective truth as i can see.

    Best wishes from Istanbul.

  8. Excellent and timely work, congrats.
    The permalink for the news coverage is rather this one:
    Keep up the good work.

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