Story on “Journey into America”

From American University’s American Today, here is a story by Mike Unger on our project  featured on the front page of

What is the American identity?

AU professor and renowned Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed poses that seemingly simple, yet impossibly complex question at the beginning of Journey Into America, a new documentary film chronicling his nine-month, 75-city tour of the country.

Read the rest here.


One response to “Story on “Journey into America”

  1. I am glad to see this Journey and very encouraging. Long Live USA which has so much diversity and tolerance and freedom of religion for everybody.
    I Hope and wish that during my life time I could be able to see this diversity, tolerance and religious freedom in Muslim countries. I wish if they also give right to their citizens to choose their religion and practice it and propagate it freely without fear and persecution.
    My dear American Muslim brothers can you do this good work? Can you please contact counslate of respective countries and request the same? Can you please preach this peace whenever you visit your country like Saudia, Pakistan, bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Egept and so on?
    I strongly apologize in advance if I offended anyone through this request.
    Hope a positive responses from my dear Muslim brothers and sisters.

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