Journey into America premiere tomorrow at ISNA

flyer-jpegTomorrow, July 4th at 9:00, the much anticipated film will launch at the Islamic Film Festival during the Annual ISNA convention.

Craig Considine wrote an article on it in the Pakistan Link.

About nine months ago, I embarked on the unprecedented ‘Journey into America’ with my tutor and professor, Ambassador Akbar Ahmed of American University. We set out to study Islam in America, the Muslim experience in the US, and the various interpretations of American identity.

We visited over 75 cities, we entered into 100 mosques, and we interacted with thousands and thousands of Americans from all walks of life. We spoke with descendants of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock, we voyaged on boat to Sapelo Island off the coast of Georgia to retrace Islam’s roots in America, we shared the story of the Somalians living in Grand Island, Nebraska that were fired at a meatpacking plant for praying during Ramadan, and we ventured into the middle of the Pacific Ocean to meet with Muslims in Hawaii.

Full Story here.


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