Premiere at ISNA recap

The premiere on Saturday night was a smashing success. The theater was overcrowded and we had to turn hundreds of  people away. Thank you to ISNA for all of their support. Please stay tuned here for updates on future screenings. We have many invitations in the coming months from around the country and the world. We will keep you updated and look forward to seeing all of our friends and supporters.

Here is an article by Frankie published in The Guardian over the weekend:

“America is a very frightened country.” It was last October, and I was sitting face to face with Noam Chomsky at MIT, a man the New York Times has called “arguably the most important intellectual alive“. Chomsky was answering a question posed by Akbar Ahmed, American University’s chair of Islamic studies, that he described as “striking”: What is American identity?

As a young American brought up to believe I’m part of a superpower, Chomsky’s identification of fear as essential to what it means to be American caught me off guard. Privileged to be witnessing a conversation between two world-renowned academics in the fields of anthropology and linguistics, I listened.

For the full article click here.


One response to “Premiere at ISNA recap

  1. Had the pleasure to attend, interesting and very important documentary. Looking forward to more.

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