More media on the premiere of “Journey into America”

Two new articles on the film premiere are out today. First, Christa Blackmon in her excellent blog The Odalisque Project wrote about seeing “Journey into America” on July 4.

This Fourth of July I had the extreme pleasure of going to the world premiere of Islam in America, the latest project of Dr. Akbar Ahmed and his wonderful team of motivated youngsters. The film takes a look at the various Muslim communities across America, from big cities in the East to small towns in the Midwest, and focuses heavily on the voices of these ordinary American Muslims. It is done in a very low-tech style that may not be for everyone, but certainly it helped capture a very down-to-earth and intimate feel.

Read the full entry here.

And our own Frankie Martin recaps the weekend at ISNA in the Huffington Post, “Celebrating July 4th with Rick Warren and 45,000 Muslims”.

Here is a brief excerpt from his piece:

… despite the inclusive theme, our movie event was the only place where I saw non-Muslims. I had even accompanied Ambassador Ahmed to the highest gathering of the VIP delegates and there was not a single non-Muslim there apart for me and members of our team. I am unsure if this was due to ISNA’s failure to make a serious attempt to bring mainstream America to their 4th of July convention or of Americans’ disinterest or hostility to Islam. Despite Warren’s star power, for example, there was not one mainstream American media outlet at the opening press conference. This meant that both Muslims and non-Muslims missed a golden opportunity to talk and interact with each other in the nation’s capital.

Continue reading from the beginning.


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