Kind words about the film

Both Danial and I saw your movie again… I cannot find words to express our gratitude and admiration for this brilliant and challenging undertaking. Mashallah, you are truly a hero. I intend to personally arrange showings at all major schools and colleges in Islamabad, including the Beaconhouse School System. Please let me know if there is any other way that I can help promote and publicize this great effort…in Pakistan or Washington… there were so many occasions on which I cried at the intensity of feeling and depth… thank you for all that you do for a better understanding and promotion of Islam. Bravo and God bless.

Danial and Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri head the Beaconhouse School System which teaches thousands of students in Pakistan and abroad.

Ahmed’s media profile is now as high as that of any living cultural anthropologist. One does not have to agree with all his positions to recognize that, in the specific but crucial field of Islam and relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, his life’s work has done much to advance the values of anthropology. His celebrity should be welcomed as a gift to the discipline.

From a review of “Journey into America” by Jonathan Benthall, former Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute, in Anthropology Today.


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