Film screenings and Book update

Several film screenings to report on recently. Two of them were held in Ann Arbor, Michigan by our friends in the area. Thanks to Dawud Walid for taking part in the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice screening in February.

Another was held this past weekend at the Ann Arbor District Library Downtown branch where “Journey into America” was screened in an event  co-sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Michigan.

Randolph College

Finally, Frankie and Jonathan traveled down to lovely Lynchburg, Virginia to take part in the opening night of the Randolph College Film Festival “Spring Into Action: Documentaries to Change the World,” sponsored by the Driver Lecture Series. We had an incredible time and were on hand to talk about the making of the film and answer questions from the audience. “It was great to get out of the city where we have been working on the book throughout the bitter winter. The weather was wonderful and the landscape beautiful. We were received warmly and the response to the film was overwhelming. It provoked a lot of debate and discussion and I was delighted that the students enjoyed it so much”, said Frankie. Special thanks to Professor Jennifer Gauthier, who organized the festival along with the Festival Planning Committee and members from the campus student groups UMMAH and Bridges.

As Frankie mentioned, we are working hard on Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam and are in the final stages of editing. We are set for an early June release date and we are really excited to turn our attention to promoting the book and sharing more about what we found on the journey. Stay tuned to the blog as we will soon be writing more about the issues raised by the book. As always, thanks for visiting.

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