“Journey” Teaser Series: What happened to the Brooklyn neighborhood called “Little Pakistan”?

For a full answer to this and other questions, see Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam

In Brooklyn, New York, there is a neighborhood that calls itself “Little Pakistan”. Located on Coney Island Avenue, the neighborhood was described to us, by people we met, as an energetic and bustling part of town. But, everything had changed. The neighborhood was nearly empty. We were told that something like40 percent of the Pakistani population had either voluntarily left, were deported, or simply disappeared.

In the days and months after 9/11, security had tightened, the community was repeatedly raided for illegal immigrants, and hundreds were deported. Many more left because of fear. In another part of Brooklyn,  Imam Siraj Wahhaj spoke about the fear of those in the neighborhood. “Just imagine FBI knocking on your door at 3:00 in the morning and questioning you,” he said, “people get scared.” Some estimate that about 15-20,000 left the neighborhood. Many stores went out of  business. “In the old days,” someone said, “when you went to Coney Island Avenue you saw a lot of people, even at 12 o’clock midnight. And now at nine o’clock at night this place is deserted.”

The neighborhood is now seeing a resurgence thanks to many Pakistanis who have returned. We have much more on Little Pakistan, National Security and Immigration in the book. Please order below.

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One response to ““Journey” Teaser Series: What happened to the Brooklyn neighborhood called “Little Pakistan”?

  1. Anthony Bruno

    I see a parallel between many in the Muslim world and those in America who make up the segment of our population who are poor and less educated.
    For both groups the political class (which include Muslim religious leaders)
    have benefited by finding blame elsewhere for the hard ships felt. That is what makes Israel and the US such an appealing target.

    And, here in the US, everything “Big” is the problem, Walmart, Oil, business,
    Wall St., and on and on.

    The failure of the many Muslim states to educate and not indoctrinate its children will keep them a world of captive populations who will live their lives in resentment of the advances happening throughout the world, except in theirs.

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