Journey into America on Fox News

Ambassador Ahmed on Fox News talking about the mosque controversies at Ground Zero and some of the issues raised in Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam. Watch the video here.


One response to “Journey into America on Fox News

  1. Dear all reader
    Islam is not religion of extremist and not religion of killing of human. Islam is religion of pace equality between the human and not on base of color, nation, gender, and tribe all is equal to eyes of Islam but when people get treat and killing them without any reason what they should do if instead of those people other related religion were they will do same. And they got treated from outsider and they destroyed everything s they had and lost even thought they lost their families and just left for the fighting they will fight they will kill those they got suffer from them and even it is cost of their lives they will strike suicides attack and every tactics and get their revenge especially in Afghanistan. Most of a time I am worry about myself because I am working with government of Afghanistan, and now a days they are tried to kill the government stuffs also.

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