Interview on Journey into America on NPR

Interfaith Voices, a radio program syndicated around the country and in Canada recently interviewed Ambassador Ahmed and several members of the team.

From the Interfaith Voices website:

100 Mosques, 75 Cities…and 1 Big Question

What does it mean to be an American when your religion – Islam –  is equated with ‘terrorism’ and ‘foreigner’?   And what does ‘American’ mean, anyway? To find out, Ambassador Akbar Ahmed and a team of young researchers spent a year criss-crossing the homeland, knocking on doors, praying in mosques and eating in people’s homes.  They paint a complex picture of group that doesn’t always get along, from literalist Muslims who reject Western culture, to immigrant Muslims doing their best to live the American dream.

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, chair of Islamic Studies at American University and author of Journey Into America: The Challenge of Islam

Jonathan Hayden, research rssistant and team member

Frankie Martin,  research assistant and team member

Click here to listen to the edited radio version of the interview. The “Web Extra” full interview can be heard here.


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