“What is it that I seek?”

A new poem by Akbar Ahmed has been published over at Washington Post’s On Faith.

What is it that I seek?

A force of such might
it sets me free
A light so bright
It blinds me

I heard it in the voice of the nightingale
I know it was in the hearts of the wise
I sensed it in the lover’s tale
I saw it in your eyes

I heard it in Rumi’s poetry
I know it was in Gandhi’s gaze
I sensed it in Mandela’s oratory
I saw it in Jesus’ ways

What is this riddle and what is its part?
What is this enigma and mystery?
What can reveal the secrets of the heart?
What has the power to change me?

It is God’s greatest gift
It raises us high above
It is the bridge over the rift
It is love, love, love

Give it in generous measure
Give it as if there’s no tomorrow
Give to all you meet this treasure
Give it and banish sorrow


Akbar Ahmed
October, 2010
Washington, DC


8 responses to ““What is it that I seek?”

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  2. It may be close to doggerel but here is a response:

    I find it when the rising dawn
    Touches on the windowsill,
    And on the misted lawn
    When the sun itself seems distilled:

    The moment that is yet detached
    From the moment it was born,
    That fills the heart in which it hatched
    With peace above all pain and scorn.

    I find it in the croaking night,
    The twittering day, the steady plod
    Of life and death, and in the light
    That guides the heart adoring God.


  3. you know so many things,
    what fun,
    divine poem.
    lovely word flow.

  4. A thoughtful and lovely write– well done!

  5. God is love. Where god resides, love abounds. Beautiful words!

  6. Seek and ye most definitely shalll find…Love is definitely the gift that keeps on giving…superb piece.

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