Interview from “Epilogue”, from PressTV


2 responses to “Interview from “Epilogue”, from PressTV

  1. Sardar Ahmed S. Jan

    Akbar Muhammed’s interview of Akbar Ahmed on ‘Epilogue,’ is a window into Akbar Ahmed’s book, ‘Journey into America.’ There is so much, sitting here in Peshawar, Pakistan which I did not know about this wonderful book – things like who funded the book, what was the author’s goal, what was the target audience and what did the critics have to say. To all these questions Akbar Ahmed was forthright, deeply informed and candid that it was a pleasure sitting here and listening to him. He is an asset to the world of Islam; presenting this faith in a light that has never been touched upon so far – a religion of peace & harmony. What the extremists are doing is a disservice to the life and Preachings of the Prophet of Islam.

  2. Wow….I’m still reading, but wow!

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