Joint article on religious persecution in Muslim world

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed and Bishop John Chane wrote an article for on religious persecution in the Muslim world today.

The Christmas season encourages us to think of Jesus, so highly revered and loved by both Christians and Muslims. So it is even more tragic to contemplate relations between the two religions today — and particularly the plight of Christians in the Muslim world.In Iraq, savage killings of Christians have led thousands to flee the country. In Egypt, Christians are under severe pressure and siege. In Pakistan, there are too many cases like that of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who is facing a death sentence under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws for allegedly slandering the Prophet of Islam.

For both of us, a Muslim and a Christian, this violence is a matter of utmost gravity. Read the entire article here.

One response to “Joint article on religious persecution in Muslim world

  1. I am unnerved by the statement that Jesus is loved by the Christian and muslim alike. If you are muslim and you follow the qur’an, which all good muslims do, then you must follow the qur’an, like the Christians follow the Bible. In the qur’an you will read:
    Sura 9:5 Kill them (infidels, namely Christians and Jews) whereever you come upon them, and seize them at every concievable place
    Sura 5:51 “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for guardians and confidants…

    There are many more such places in the Qur’an that speak against the Christian and the Jew. Therefore there is no common ground between the two beliefs and its well past time we understand there is no place in the heart of the Christian for Islam, none. Nor any other religion that does not hold Jesus as the Son of God, came to earth to redeem all men, conquering death. We do not serve our muslim friends by being tolerant of their foolish beliefs. Is Christianity American? Not at all, The good news of the gospel started in the middle east. Either Jesus is the only name given unto men whereby we must be saved as the holy bible states ( acts 4:12 ) or it is a fable. There is nothing more valuable than truth. It would be wise to study, earnestly seek truth, not your biased “truth”. This truth transcends all nationalities, all time, past and future, this truth will always be true, millions of years from now. This truth cannot be found with your mind alone, it is not primarily a learned truth. It can only be found with a contrite heart. So…America stands in the cross hairs of the radical muslims because of Christians, we are the reason America is under attack, ironic. Are we Christians stricken with islamophobia? No. Not even a little. Nothing can stand next to truth, there is no fear of foolishness. I encourage you readers, you are in for a wonderful surprise, the truth is much better than you think. You will say, “that’s too good to be true”, again and again. I’m still saying that too.

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