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Fox News “Fox & Friends” interview on Journey into America

Fox calls Journey into America  “A wonderful book…its so comprehensive, it’s great.”

Fox News (Alisyn Camerota)

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Hearts and Minds: Tale of 2 generals in Afghanistan

The following article by Akbar Ahmed was first published on the Washington Post “On Faith” website.

With the rumors of secret meetings between Gen.l Kayani, commander of Pakistan’s armed forces, Gen. Pasha, the head of the Pakistani ISI, Afghan president Hamid Karzi, and prominent Taliban commander Haqqani, it seems that a post-American scenario in Afghanistan is taking shape.

The fact that Haqqani was in the company of the President of Afghanistan is a hint of the shape of things to come as the major players in the region plan for an eventual withdrawal of US forces.

Perhaps the catalyst for these meetings was the dismissal of Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Fortunately for America, he is being replaced by one of the country’s best military men, Gen. David Petraeus.

Despite President Obama’s contention that U.S. policy in Afghanistan remain the same despite the change of commanders, the reality is the differences between the two men will ensure a different approach. Although both field commanders have been successful in establishing a rapport with Afghans, McChrystal tends to rely on his heart, Petraeus falls back on his mind. The former understands and plays on emotion, the latter intellect.

But McChrystal and Petraeus are rare birds. Few Americans see the world as they do. Continue reading

Dresden or Detroit?

By Craig Considine

I returned back to the hotel in Dearborn, Michigan completely and utterly exhausted. We had just visited the ‘Grand Circus Park’, an area that epitomizes the impoverishment of downtown Detroit. Parts of the city have characteristics of a ‘Third World’ country. Large skyscrapers are completely vacant, with their windows either smashed or non-existent. Its old brick buildings are half in-tact reminiscent of a bombed Dresden, Germany after World War II. In my estimation, three of every five business stores are either empty or boarded up with plywood. Homeless people appear defenselessly sprawled out on its vacuous sidewalks. The atmosphere is so dull and depressing that one wonders if it has any vibrancy or pulse at all. Even a whisper can echo and bounce of the barely standing homes on the deserted streets of Detroit.

As a deeply patriotic American concerned for the well-being and happiness of my fellow citizens, I was baffled that such a historically important city could deteriorate into such a miserably depressed and impoverished environment. How our political leaders could let ‘The Motor City’ slide so deeply into the depths of ‘Third World’ poverty without any large scale governmental intervention to transform conditions on the ground is still beyond my comprehension. Instead of diverging in foreign wars that are arguably of no real threat to our national security, the government could re-appropriate the billions of wasted dollars to help its own American citizens.

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