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An answer to “why don’t ‘moderate’ Muslims speak up?” (or some variation)

Every single time we have had an event, lecture or public discussion, and hundreds of times through e-mail, we are asked to explain why “moderate” Muslim voices are not speaking up against the “extremists”, “jihadists”, “Islamofacists”, etc.

Of course, the premise of the question is that Muslims are not speaking up and the person asking wants to know why not. On the surface, it seems innocent and an obvious question. The person asking doesn’t  see Muslims speaking out against it, doesn’t understand why not and therefore wonder if the silence means that all Muslims approve of the actions of the most extreme. But, it also means that we are not paying attention to the actions and sacrifices of the Muslim community.

It would be easy to blame the nature of the media. A story every time a Muslim individual or organization denounces terrorism, stands up for free speech or declares their patriotism is not exciting enough to be featured in the newspapers or on television.

I used to keep a list of examples of times individuals or organizations issued press releases condemning terrorism but I lost count in the hundreds. If you look, the statements are easy to find. On any Muslim organization website, you will find a section for these statements. In some cases, the organizations have gone above and beyond, even showing support for other religious organizations that were attacked, vandalized or smeared even when Muslims had nothing to do with the attack as in this case.

For those not impressed with statements, let us look at what people are doing on the ground. Professor Ahmed uses two great examples of how Muslims are giving their lives for the fight.  In Pakistan for example, over 30,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives in he War on Terror. 30,000 people killed by the Taliban or in service of the US backed fight against the Taliban in Pakistan. How’s that for Muslims standing up to terror? Continue reading

Panel Discussion at Premiere of “Journey into America”

Thanks to “Reno” for passing along the link to video of the panel discussion after the premiere of “Journey into America” on July 4. Here is the link to the video.

On the Panel was Ambassador Ahmed, Imam Mohamed Magid of the ADAMS Center, Senior Rabbi Bruce Lustig of the Washington Hebrew Congregation, Riz Khan of Al Jazeera and Dr. Ingrid Matteson, the President of ISNA.

Trailer for “Journey into America”

The world premiere of “Journey into America” is premiering on Saturday, July 4th. This feature film will be shown around Washington and throughout the United States.

The film shows Akbar Ahmed in his journey to over 75 cities and 100 mosques asking hundreds of Muslims and non-Muslims what it means to be “American.” From a bishop and an imam in Las Vegas to Somalis in small-town Nebraska to Noam Chomsky in Boston, this is the first film of its kind giving insight into the diverse and closed Muslim community in America and how they are fitting into American society. It ends on the hopeful note of coming together as a nation based on our pluralist identity going back to the Founding Fathers.

World Premiere of “Journey into America”

We’re extremely excited to announce that the documentary part of the “Journey” will be premiered at the annual  ISNA Convention on July 4th at 9:00 p.m.  A fitting date.

This is huge news for us. To see this all come together is a testament to the support we have received from so many people. Thank you all.

We continue to work on the book and hope to have some more exciting news on its release soon. But, for now, we continue to write, and write. And write.

Full details of the world premiere below: Continue reading