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BBC interview and Dawn Review

BBC America recently interviewed Ambassador Ahmed on the book. Watch the interview here.

And Rafia Zakaria offers a warm review of Journey into America in Dawn.

Can Muslims expect tolerance from western nations where they are minorities when their own nations are unwilling to apply similar concepts? Do religiously diverse and pluralist societies have a greater burden to accommodate minorities as compared to Muslim-majority nations, or should they be as primordial in their concept of who counts as ‘American’? It is the interplay of these identities in the American context that is the subject of Professor Akbar Ahmed’s new book Journey into America: The challenge of Islam. Continue reading review here.

“Journey into America” on Pakistani TV Saturday and streaming

For those who have not seen the film yet, here is your chance. The film will be shown on Saturday at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time (10:00 p.m. in Pakistan) on Pakistani  television station AAJ TV on the show Washington Report.

For those not in Pakistan, AAJ will stream the film on the internet at www.justin.tv Then keyword search “AAJ NEWS” and this will give you a few choices, choose AAJ News live streaming telecast.

Check for updates about rebroadcasts on Washington Report’s Facebook page. Washington Report has previously shown an interview with Akbar Ahmed on the project and film. Below are parts of the interview previously aired to publicize the film showing.

A Jewish Alderman commemorating the life of a Muslim Leader

“15 die, several injure in car bomb blast in Peshawar.” My morning started with one more day of disappointment of hoping to not find any story of Pakistan in the NYtimes headlines. I swallowed the tears clogging up my throat after looking at all the pictures of buildings from my country blood-stained and ruined. I quickly hit the close button on the corner of the screen and brushed out all thoughts about the news so that I could follow through with the schedule for another day of research in the Chicago city.

We drove down to Devon Avenue, the hub of the Pakistani/South Asian community living in Chicago. Our host for the morning, Mr. Khattak, stopped the car and pointed his finger towards one of the most extraordinary images I had seen in this country – “The Muhammad Ali Jinnah Way.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the name of Pakistan’s founder on this Chicago crossing. His words echoed in my head as I stood next to Dr. Ahmed staring at those letters that equated freedom and justice for both of us.
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